Car insurance Denmark

Car insurance in Denmark explained

Wading your way through the car insurance can be overwhelming, especially if you are moving to a new place. However, things are now simplified for you to help you get the perfect car insurance in Denmark. For an expat in Denmark, you need to have insurance of a car, which is when it gets registered.

Foreigners and the locals require third-party liability insurance. The insurance offers coverage for any injuries while causing damage to the property. Hence, this is the need of the hour, and there is no other way than to seek car insurance in Denmark.

List of car insurers in Denmark

All these car insurance companies offer different premiums and different coverage. Comparing the specifications of each car insurance can be time-consuming. Are you wondering which insurer offers the best deals to non-Danish speakers? We have listed the most reliable insurance companies in Denmark below while using the following criteria:

car which needs to be insured
      English speaking customer service
      Best Insurance/price
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Flexible contracts
      Different options available

Car Insurance platform


TjenesteTorvet insurance logo

TjenesteTorvet is a well-known insurance comparsion platform, where you can get quotes for free from different insurance companies.

      Provides insurance for various vehicles, including MC, moped, veteranbil, caravan, and more
      English website
      Great price / coverages available
      Covers multiple insurances, including home, car, animals, trips, accidents, etc.


Saml;ino logo

Samlino is car insurance comparison platform in Denmark that provides all types of insurance to car owners in this country at an affordable price.

      Provides great deals on car loans
      Great mobile website (also available in English)
      Independent and neutral (comparison platform)


Global logo

Global is a significant car insurer in Denmark, highly known for providing cheap and easy-to-understand car insurance to all Danish car owners.

      Sharp and cheap price
      +15.000 customers
      English and customer-friendly website is available
      Free workshop choice and fast damage treatment
      ✘  Fixed Price


gf veinsurance logo

GF for Sikring is a well-known Danish car insurance provider, highly famous among people for providing cost-effective car insurance and great promotions and offers.

      Provides a 10% collectors discount on all car insurance
      Provides multiple insurances with the same transparency
      ✘  No English website

Keep reading to explore the kinds of car insurance available, the top insurance companies and comparison websites.

Types of car insurance in Denmark

Compulsory third-party liability insurance
This is mandatory insurance which covers liability for any damage such as an injury or any damage caused to the property while driving. Additionally, the insurance also takes care of the tow bar.

Comprehensive insurance:
This covers damage or loss of the vehicle; however, it is not compulsory insurance to procure. This is, however, the most common one, as it is an affordable one. However, if the car is ten years or more, it is recommended not to opt for insurance.
However, if the car is new and in good condition, you must not think twice about getting comprehensive insurance.

Apart from this, you can also opt for the standard third-party liability to customize. The additional coverages cover theft of the car, collision, legal aid, etc.

How to claim after an accident?

If you encounter an accident, you need to collect complete details of the other party with whom you met an accident. Here are crucial things to take note of:

  • Name and address of the driver
  • Insurance details
  • Driving license number
  • Photos of the accident
  • Model of the vehicle
  • Number plate

Make sure you call the police immediately after the accident to keep them informed of it. The insurance claim can be submitted online with the help of standard claim forms which are provided to you by the companies. You have a time period of six months to file it, post an accident.

FAQ about car insurances

If you are wondering how much is car insurance in Denmark, visit the comparison websites online to compare the prices. This will help you to split the expensive ones away and make the perfect choice catering to your budget.

To find the best company, you must evaluate and compare car insurance Denmark to see the prices, what they have to offer, and whether they match your needs. Some of the popular companies are Tryg, Gjensidige, Codan, Alka, GF, Alm Brand and lot more.