Home Insurance in Denmark

Home Insurance in Denmark explained

Home insurance is the insurance policy you will purchase to get financial protection for your house and belongings in case of loss, damage, or theft. Home insurance is accessible in two types: buildings insurance, which will cover the overall structure of the house, and contents insurance, which usually covers the personal possessions within the property. You can also take the contents and buildings as separate policies, or you will have the ability to purchase them as a combination for your house. 

List of home insurance companies in Denmark

All these home insurance companies offer different premiums and different coverage. Comparing the specifications of each car insurance can be time-consuming. Are you wondering which insurer offers the best deals to non-Danish speakers? We have listed the most reliable insurance companies in Denmark below while using the following criteria:

home which needs to be insured
      English speaking customer service
      Best Insurance/price
      Appartment & House insurance available
      Flexible contracts
      Different options available

Home Insurance platform


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TjenesteTorvet is a well-known insurance comparsion platform, where you can get quotes for free from different insurance companies.

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Hedivg is insurance platform in Denmark that provides all types of insurance to home and appartment owners in this country at an affordable price. Great for young urban professionals.

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Home insurance and its coverage:

As mentioned, there are two types of the best home insurance Denmark, such as:

Building Insurance

The building’s insurance will cover the damage to the home’s structure, such as the roof, floor, and walls. It covers the damage to the fixtures as well as fittings. It is not mandatory, but it is best to have it in the condition of the mortgage. You should consider getting this insurance policy if you purchase a house with or without a mortgage. 

Contents Insurance

Home contents insurance Denmark covers the damage or loss of personal possessions in case of fire, flooding, theft, and other incidents. It will protect you against all the personal belongings not attached to the building. Unlike the additional insurance, this insurance plan is optional. But covering your possession is a sensible idea for both homeowners and tenants.

What is covered in home insurance?

Home insurance will protect against several types of damages. For instance, damaged electric lines, water pipelines, or structural damage. You will also get protection from broken floors, windows, walls, and doors. Home insurance is divided into four different types of costs, such as:

  • Exterior damage expenses.
  • Interior damage expenditures.
  • Loss of personal belongings from the house.
  • Protection against any physical injuries that occurs while in the damaged home.

What is not covered in home insurance?

Like all types of insurance, home insurance has exclusions such as:

  • Lack of maintenance.
  • Wear and tear.
  • Damage caused by pets.
  • Deliberate damage.
  • Electrical and mechanical breakdown of the old appliances.

Is it necessary to purchase buildings and contents insurance?

When purchasing home insurance Denmark, you will be exposed to the buildings and contents. In the following cases, you may need both:

  • You purchase the freehold of the property. It can be costly to repair the structural damage. Hence, it is advisable to buy it. If you are the owner of the freehold on the maisonette or flat, you may take individual buildings’ policy with other owners.
  • If you are a homeowner, you may need both. While insurances for buildings are not mandatory, it will be required by the mortgage lender. Without any mortgage, it is advisable to purchase since it will protect you against repair and rebuilding costs in case of damage.

  • If you are a landlord, the mortgage lender will need you to have the building insurance in place, and it is advisable contents insurance if you are offering the furnishings in the property. One good option is to take out the landlord insurance; it will protect the property and the rental income and cover the liabilities in case of injury and damage suffered by the tenants, in which case the home contents insurance Denmark.

You may not need them in the following instances:

  • A tenant may only need the contents insurance. You do not require building insurance, as it will be the landlord’s responsibility to ensure the right policy. However, if you want to protect your belongings, it is your choice if you wish to get the contents policy. 
  • If you own a leasehold and do not own the freehold, the building may be already insured by the owner of the freehold. However, you will have to pay the insurance cost through the service charge.

If you need both types of insurance, purchasing them together as a joint policy will be cost-effective rather than taking them separately. One approach will make it easier and quicker if you want to raise the claim on both contents and building cover.

How to choose the right insurance policy?

You will have to compare home insurance Denmark, which will help you choose the right insurance policy type. Selecting the right insurance is essential in ensuring that you have covered what you require at the most cost-effective. It is necessary to compare the protection each policy offers, the covered amount, and exclusions in the policy. 

Always remember that the cheapest insurance policy is not always the best option, which is why looking for a deal that provides what you need from home insurance is necessary. With this, you can make your insurance policy the cheapest and most efficient.


These are all about the home insurance Denmark you need to know about. Considering your needs is the first step in making the right choice in choosing the most effective insurance policy. If unsatisfied with the insurance terms, you can purchase the add-ons to strengthen the standard policy.