Internet in Denmark

Internet providers in Denmark

Denmark is a beautiful country with a rich culture and also a popular expat destination. Are you an expat living in Denmark finding the right internet connection? Below is the guide that will help you get online, depending on your current situation.

It is nowadays easy to order a subscription online. We have selected the best internet providers in Denmark for you with the use of the following criteria:

Internet service provider denmark computer
      Customer service quality
      Flexible and transparent contracts
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Fast and stable network
      Low price / speed
      English websites
      Different connection options


Pro’s /Con’s

Telenor internet provider

Telenor is one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications companies with operations worldwide, but mainly focused in Scandinavia. Offers a wide range of different internet connections with coax, fiber and DSL. A bit more expensive than Fastspeed, but also offers higher internet speed.

    1. Fastest broadband at 2000 MBIT
      Online customers service (via chat)
      Bundling contracts available
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Easy and fast installation
      ✘  No English website



fastnet internet provider

Fastspeed has emerged as a compelling choice for internet service in Denmark, especially for expats looking for cheaper and high-speed internet connectivity. However, it has no English website and a difficult website to comprehend for non-Danish speakers

    1. Friendly and responsive customer support
      Best Data volume/ price
      30 days of free fun and sports
      Fast and stable network
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      ✘  No English website



hiper ips

Clear and adjustable contracts and English speaking customer service – 7 days a week via phone or per live chat. High-speed streaming at a great price. Hiper is the winner of “Best Value for Money” by Loyalty Group’s Industry Index Internet 2020, 2021 and 2022.

    1. Great customer service
      Flexible and transparent contracts
      High speed streaming at best price
      All-in-one package
      ✘  Website can be difficult to comprehend
      ✘  No English website



Danksnet provider

New player on the market – relatively cheap Internet packages – does not use own network and therefore less stable Internet which can be a problem at times.

    1. High customer satisfaction
      No English speaking customer support
      Fast internet connection
      ✘  Difficult to understand website
      ✘  No bundle pricing
      ✘  No english website


Different Internet connections in Denmark

Multiple Danish internet providers on the market offer stable internet connection and excellent customer service. But you need to ensure that you sign up for an Internet connection that suits your pocket and fulfill your internet needs.

You can get the best internet connection in Denmark via:

a) ADSL/VDSL – ADSL is a DSL connection that doesn’t require any special lines for you to install. Thus, it’s less costly and more available than other broadband forms. With ADSL, you can have up to 24 Mbps download speed. However, VDSL provides much speedy download and has good upload speeds, unlike ADSL.

b) Fiber Optics – Fiber-optic Internet is much faster than even the high-speed copper Internet connections. The options available can range from 5 Mbps to 100 Gbps.

c) Cable – Cable Internet access is one of the best options in Denmark when it comes to reliable and fast speed Internet. It provides speeds up to 15 Mbps, which is about twice the DSL speed and four times the satellite Internet.

d) Wireless – The most common connection in Denmark is WIFI, which will be enough for most users.

How to find the best internet provider:

It’s a good idea to compare internet connections so that you partner with the best internet connection in Denmark.

Here are the best tips to help you find an affordable internet provider.

1. Compare pricing options

Compare and pay attention to pricing plans and connection costs of the best cheap internet service providers in your region. You can check what internet providers serve your region using

2. Identify the type of internet service you need

There are many different types of internet connections available and decide which one you need depending on your usage and requirements.

3. Sign an Extended Contract

If you know that you are going to reside in a place for a long time, you can sometimes get internet at low rates by signing up for a one or two year contract rather than paying monthly.

4. Purchase Your Own Modem and Router

Many internet providers will happily lease you a modem and wireless router for a few bucks, but as the months’ tick by, they add more fees. That is why it’s best to buy a modem and router compatible with your internet provider.

FAQ about internet providers in Denmark

All-in-1 package or bundling means multiple services for one low monthly price. For example – a package including internet, TV and home phone. But like other services, there are pros and cons of bundle pricing.


  • One-stop shopping – You can buy everything you need for your home from a single provider.
  • Convenient monthly bill – You’ll have a single bill to pay each month.
  • Fast speeds or more channels – Usually, the internet plans and cable bundles have a faster download speed, or you get more channels than the basic pricing options.


  • Contract requirements – Few agencies can offer discounted pricing on the all-in-one package because they often you to sign a contract. Canceling it before the time could result in termination fees.

Fastnet is the best internet provider in Denmark for expats when you want fast internet. It will help you get good coverage of fast internet in every corner of your home.

Depending on how many people you are at home, how much you stream, and how many devices you have connected, the experts evaluate what kind of internet you need at a good price.

a) Fast GigaSpeed for the best streaming

Fasnet comes with a ​​stamp is your that guarantee of the incredible internet experience. GigaSpeed ​​covers both coax and fiber.

Also, at 1,000 Mbit, it ​​is the fastest and stable speed you can get. Thus, if you pick GigaSpeed, you are sure that you get the fastest connection.

b) Best Wi-Fi modem

You will also get a high-quality modem when ordering broadband from us for the most stable connection.

c) Optional benefits

If users collect TV, internet, and streaming with us, they also become part of Fastnet More benefits program at no additional cost.

With all the installation charges, termination fees, terms, and pressure from retention agents; switching Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Denmark is a hassle.

Here is how you can switch to new ISP pain-free.

a) Understand your needs and why you want to switch – Knowing the specific reason you want to switch your internet providers will help you avoid the worse situation.

b) Find the cancellation costs of your current internet service – If you have taken a subscription with your current ISP, you could face a huge fee by canceling early. So make sure you know the cancellation charges.

c) Find the other Internet Service Providers in your area – Now make a list of the ISPs in your area.

d) Pick the one that matches your needs – take into account diverse factors and decide which ISP is right for you.

e) Call your current ISP – Once new ISP installs and activates new internet service, cancel your old service by calling the previous ISP.