Moving companies in Denmark

Moving internationally or domestically in Denmark

You’ve located the residence of your dreams, exchanged contracts, and arranged your mortgage. The only thing left to do is settle in. Isn’t that the simple part? You might have yet to consider many things, though, such as locating the fuse box in your new house or informing your broadband provider that you’re moving. Be careful not to be unprepared at the last minute. Read through our preparation checklist.

Which are the best moving companies in Denmark?

If you are looking for a leading, reliable, and expat-friendly moving company in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, you can fill in your details below, and you will receive up to 5 free quotes from moving companies. Whether you are from a neighbouring town or another corner of the world, with these companies, your moving journey will be easy for sure.

Confirm the date:
Getting your relocation date formally approved by your conveyances and the home sellers must come first. Renters may be able to spread out moving out and moving in over a few days. By doing this, you may move into your new house without the stress of doing any work simultaneously, such as painting or cleaning the carpets.
You might have to wait a long time for all the other transactions to complete if you are at the end of the chain. Learn where you fit in the chain and plan for any unexpected delays.

Intimidate your landlord:
If you rent an apartment, you must inform your landlord of the day you plan to vacate. Ideally, this will happen when your lease expires so that you won’t have to pay rent and a mortgage simultaneously. Research the best moving companies in Copenhagen to plan your move effectively.

Reach out to your utility providers.
Your power, gas, phone, and broadband providers will need to know when you’re leaving the property, so let them all know that you want to move out. You’ll probably be transferring your phone and broadband to your new home. Given that relocating services may take several weeks, give your provider as much warning as possible.

Get quotes on your removal requests:
It all comes down to what’s reasonable for your budget and the size of your property regarding removals. Renting a vehicle and enlisting the aid of a few pals will probably be less expensive if you’re moving into a tiny house or money is a significant concern.
Make sure it’s the proper choice because that could increase the stress of moving day. Whatever service you use, ensure that all valuables and private documents are secure and, if possible, kept on your person.

Know what to keep and what not to:
This is the ideal moment to sort through your old belongings and select what should be kept or discarded. Take a look at your old clothing, electronics, and furnishings before you start packing anything. Choose what should be donated to a nearby charity shop and what is worth retaining. Reducing the number of items you have to move to your new house will save you time, energy, and back pain.