Compare mobile operators in Denmark

Mobile operators in Denmark

Moving to Denmark in Scandinavia, you’ll want a local mobile connection for convenience. While roaming is an option, it can be costly. Denmark boasts excellent network coverage throughout the country, but with multiple mobile providers, selecting the best one may be daunting for newcomers. Research before choosing a phone contract, considering coverage, pricing, data, calls, internet speed, and SMS.

There are quite a lot of mobile operators in the market – they will guide you well about their different mobile options and help you choose the best one. However, this will take a lot of time. It is nowadays easy to order a subscription online. We have selected the best mobile providers in Denmark for you with the use of the following criteria:

Internet service provider
      English speaking customer service
      Best Data volume/ price
      4G Connection
      Flexible contracts
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Free SIM card
      Reliable network


Pro’s /Con’s
#1 -The best mobile operator
cbb operator


CBB is a fast-growing Danish telecommunication company. They offer mobile subscriptions at a good rate throughout Denmark. Their main advantage over other companies is that they offer easy understandable and transparent subscriptions.

      Transparent subscriptions that are easy to understand
      Great Customer Service on chat mail, Facebook and telephone
      Reliable network
      Enjoy 4G network throughout Denmark
      Music service TIDAL with 60 million tracks for music lovers
Telmore operator


New player disrupting the telecom market. Flexible contracts which are monthly terminable. Great customer service and a mobile subscription with free music and entertainment.

      Best customer service
      Mobile subscription with music and entertainment
      Free SMS/MMS
      English speaking customer service
      Mobile subscription also has roaming and the foreign telephone facility
      ✘  No English website
      ✘  Only yearly contracts are available
OK operator


OK Mobile is a widely used Danish mobile operator . They offer 4 clear packages. Like most mobile operators in Denmark they offer mobile subscriptions for within Denmark and mobile subscriptions for within the European Union.

      Auto-renewal monthly subscriptions
      Excellent customer service
      Clear Contracts
      No additional cost on phone usage in EU with EU package
      ✘  Can not use the DK package outside Denmark
      ✘  No English website
      ✘  Pay international fee if using EU package outside the specified countries
yousee operator


Yousee owns large reliable network – 4G network everywhere – Monthly terminable SIM Only – Free SIM card and a convenient App

      Standard 4G internet (max. 256 Mbps)
      Smart Wear subscription
      Great data volume/ price
      Earn 5% bonus with Coop membership bonus scheme
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      ✘  Slow website
      ✘  Non-terminable monthly plans

Mobile operators in Denmark

After landing in Denmark, one of the important things to do here is searching for mobile phone contracts in Denmark. While looking for the mobile operator, you first need to select what type of subscription is best for you.

You must be wondering what the different types of subscriptions available in the country are. To make it easy for you, we are listing here the common types of mobile plans that you can be made available with:

Contract – You can enjoy low calling rates and best deals with new phones. Most of the contracts are for a fixed time period. So, if you are in the country only for a couple of months, it would not be an ideal choice for you.

Prepaid – If you want data, calling, and texting facility, you can select a prepaid SIM card. It is best if you are not staying in the country for a longer duration. A prepaid SIM could cost you much cheaper than what you are paying in roaming.

SIM Only – When you do not want to change your phone, you can go with the SIM-only deals. If you want to stay in Denmark for an extended time, SIM only in Denmark is the best option to go with. These deals are much cheaper and flexible.

Prepaid vs. sim only in Denmark

Denmark has a wide range of sims and packages from which you can choose. These phones will allow you to pay on the go, and with this, you will have control over your spending. Let us tell you about the difference between sim-only and prepaid.

  • Sim Only: sim-only is the form of a postpaid mobile plan. If you opt for the postpaid contract, you will be on the SIM-only plan, including the postpaid plans, where you will pay off the handset. If you are disciplined with data usage, sim only is a great way to track monthly spending.
  • Prepaid: the prepaid plans are considered the best for students and seniors due to their budget-friendly payment system. With this, you can avoid the bill shock. Prepaid plans tend to work on the fixed recharge cycle. This is the best option if you don’t have much use for your mobile device.

Tips and tricks

If you are thinking of switching to Sim-only plans to use data, call, and text and stay within budget, consider the following factors:

  • For a SIM-only plan, you need to have an unlocked handset.
  • Standard, micro, and nano are the three sizes available in the SIM cards. Select the one that fits your handset.
  • From monthly and yearly subscriptions, select the one that is ideal for your requirements.
  • Do not end up paying the extra cost for your used minutes or messages. Select the tariff plan that suits your usage and requirements.

You will see a high competition in the services of the different service providers. Get the best deal after considering all the factors discussed above.

FAQ about the mobile operators in Denmark

CBB Mobile, Yousee, Telmore, and OK are the leading mobile operators in Denmark. They can provide you the best plans that will meet your requirements and budget. Compare different plans and prices offered by them and select the best one. You can even consult your friends and colleagues to get an excellent service.

When you are searching for the best mobile provider that provides connection at an affordable price, you need to consider certain things. Speed, coverage, and cost are important factors that play a vital role in the selection of the mobile provider. Though these are the essential requirements, depending upon your personal needs, you can also take note of other things while finalizing the best operator and the plan.

CBB Mobile is the most popular and best mobile operator in Denmark. You will get easy to understand mobile subscriptions and good network coverage that never stops you from getting connected to your near and dear ones. In case you require any help, they are available for you on chat, mail, telephone, and on Facebook too.

Whether you need a subscription for small consumptions or need extra data, you get different packages that fulfill all your requirements. Music lovers will be benefitted with the 60 million tracks with TIDAL music service by CBB Mobile.

Get the connection that is available at a very affordable cost.

As there are numerous mobile operators in Denmark, you might have a number of reasons to switch from one provider to another. You can easily switch the operator without changing your previous number.

You only need to search for your required provider and select the desired plan to order your new SIM. Changing your existing number is not mandatory, you can easily port it to the new connection.

Mobile number portability is convenient for you as you won’t need to update your number with your bank, office, and other official documents.

To port your number, you need to order the SIM from the new provider, activate it, and get your number registered. Once your number is registered, the porting process completes within 1 to 3 working days, and your number gets activated with the new mobile operator.